Court awards $110,000 in non-pecuniary damages for soft-tissue injuries

In reasons for judgment released today, the court in Leach v. Jesson, 2017 BCSC 577, awarded a 50-year-old plaintiff $110,000 in non-pecuniary damages for soft-tissue injuries following a serious rear-end collision.  Mr. Justice Funt wrote:

[7]             At the time of trial, the plaintiff was 50 years old and had been married to his spouse for 24 years. They have four adult children.

[8]             For the past 25 years, the plaintiff has worked in both residential and commercial construction. In recent years, the residential construction has involved home renovations.

[24]         As a result of the Accident, the plaintiff now suffers from neck and shoulder pain, low back pain, and headaches. Initially, as the plaintiff described, he had no strength in his neck and had to support it. He now has stability in his neck but there is considerable residual pain which has plateaued.


[69]         Recognizing the degree of the plaintiff’s injuries and their effect on his enjoyment of work, family, and leisure activities, and the plaintiff’s age, the Court will award $110,000 as non-pecuniary damages.

The full decision can be found here: