Plaintiff awarded $755,000 in slip and fall at Superstore

In reasons for judgment released today in Harrison v. Loblaws, Inc. (Real Canadian Superstore), 2018 BCSC 575, the court awarded the plaintiff approximately $755,000 in damages stating:

[19]         The totality of the evidence is clear: Ms. Harrison slipped on a large pool of liquid laundry detergent, hit her forehead on the end cap of aisle one, and subsequently fell backwards and hit the back left of her head


[96]         Ms. Harrison was 48 at the time of the accident.  She suffered a significant head injury and to this day, suffers from serious headaches and other symptoms which I have detailed.  She has a permanent disability and she has suffered from a loss of confidence and a loss of enjoyment of life as a result of her accident.  Her physical and mental abilities have clearly been impaired.  As described earlier, she is no longer able to walk long distances nor is she able to swim.  Her sensitivities to light, sound, and motion have dramatically affected her.  She has clearly experienced a serious diminishment in the quality and enjoyment of her life.  I note that Ms. Harrison retains a certain degree of optimism about the future and throughout this ordeal, she has taken significant steps to try to improve her circumstances.

The text of the full decision can be found here: